You back again..

Lay down here, Look in to my face, strange and darkness face..
I thought that I would be stronger, but in all I lied to my ugly face.

And about you?
You who cried alone with you?
I remember all my ways, and all the days, the beginning of the mistake, I like to be afraid, I like to count the days..
My life run away, if I could be back again.. I would be die, no way.
so.. what can I make, May I only wait?

You made me see stars inside myself.
You made me cry and be unhappy.
But You to.. show me the real sense of life, made me dream and believe in that stars.

You are light, life, love.. my favorite crime.
I've beeing paying ..
Should I give up another day?
perhaps, but today, I wanna just be by your side as the first day.. and continue like this praying to don't have end.

That's a feeling, the biggest mistake I made, but I'm sure, We will be back the others lifes to make that mission not failed like yesterday.

I want you everyday.